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Add a parallel MQTT output?

I would fancy to receive the air quality data also on my MQTT broker, I can probably hard code this into the sources myself, but would probably be nice for others as well?!

For every MQTT broker we would need to add another request string. And would need to add a parser for this. Even if adding MQTT won’t consume too much memory (both RAM and flash) the code needed to added to our firmware would be too much.
But you can use the “Send to own API” function to send the data to a script that could forward this data to a MQTT broker.

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Mqqt would be really good ! And you may tell more about the send to own api function?:slight_smile:

I’m sending data directly into Influxdb.

@marlur : The “own API” funtion is sending a JSON object to the configured script. You can find a sample PHP script to receive the JSON object at madavi-api/data_simple.php at master · opendata-stuttgart/madavi-api · GitHub . This should be a good starting point for own implementations.

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