Accuracy of PM10 measurement

Right now there is a cloud of Sahara dust “raining” down on Germany.

Current measured values from kachelmannwetter

The purple on the legend starts at 50µg/m^3 but typical values are 100µg/m^3 and beyond.

In the meantime our low-cost sensors see the world through their eyes:

The trend is visible but the actual values are far too low.

I just wanted to share that observation because we don’t have these conditions that often.

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An update: last night the next cloud of dust rained down over the Berlin/Brandenburg area. Peak values at 4am from the official stations:



At the location of my sensors the expected values should be close to PM2.5 = 57µg/m^3 and PM10 = 71µg/m^3

Here is the data from the airrohr sensor (SDS011 & SPS30)

And here is an SDS011 in the NAM enclosure (with heating)

Humidity plot for the same time (SHT35 with SF2 cap and the best BME280 I could find)

I feel this is a really good result and could be an interesting sidenote in the discussion that @Denis and @irukard have in another thread.

Note, that I do not know which SDS011 is currently build into the NAM. I tried several but they are all from end of 2020.

Thx for showing your data nephilim!
Would be nice if we could identify which curve was generated by which sensor. :wink:
Seems like the legend was cut off.
For the airrrohr data I assume: green → SDS011, orange → SPS30 ?

Exactly, and BME280 is green, SHT35 is orange.

EDIT: Fixed the images. The browser I used first is mediocre and does not display the legend. Everything is fine in chrome.

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