Access Archive via FTP

I took a look around the archive and found it very useful.
I would like to programmatically traverse the directory and download files. Is there a possibility to connect to the archive via an FTP client?


I don’t think the FTP access is allowed for security reasons but you can script like this:

import requests

#Sensor IDs separated with comma
sensor_id = []

#Dates with format 'YYYY-MM-DD' separated with comma
dates = []

url_deb = ''

for n1 in range(0,len(dates)):
    date = dates[n1]
    url_ok = url_deb + date
    r1 = requests.get(url_ok)
    source_code = r1.text

    for n2 in range(0,len(sensor_id)):
        test = 'sensor_'+str(sensor_id[n2])+'.csv'

        if test in source_code:
            split1 = source_code.split(test)[0]
            split2 = split1.split('<a href="')[-1]
            url_fin = url_ok + '/' + split2 + test
            r2 = requests.get(url_fin)
            data = r2.text
            #Data are printed in Terminal 

You can of course do it better with beautifulsoup und openpyxl.