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A question about Rectifier KBPC5010

Hello everyone, can KBPC5010 rectifier bridge be directly connected to 220V voltage? How much V is the output voltage? I want to use it on the light strip. The light strip is 9 meters long and 24V. Can the light strip be bright when connected directly to the rectifier bridge? Will it burn out?

I’m not an EE, but /YIKES!/ if you are not familiar with these you should find someone who is. Remember, good electricians have a keen sense of smell. Yup, that’s because of people like us.

Output voltage of the rectifier is close to input voltage. So why mess with 220 VDC? Not me!

Maybe use a 24vdc wall-wart. I would start with the specs of the light strip. How much power and what voltage range. Why not get the power supply that comes with the light strip ?

@JamesWill Hi James, this forum is about citizen science projects and sensor projects, not about electronics. There should be much better places to ask such questions (it’s your second one about a special electronic part …).