3D printed case for NodeMCU+SDS011+BME280

Hello everyone,

If anyone’s interested, I’ve made available a 3D printable case for the standard sensor kit (Sensor Community): NodeMCU (ESP8266) + SDS011 + BME208.
It’s probably not the best case, but it’s been doing the job for me for almost a year.

Files and instructions are available here:

An example of 3d printing is available here:

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Hi @LeJohn
Cool! Thank you sharing your case. I think you could share more pictures here, too.

2 links as reference.

@LeJohn Can I put your links on these pages ?

Hi @pjg

Yes, you can add my links on these two pages.
I hope this case will be useful to others!

Hi @webmarwell

Thanks for your interest in my case!
Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures, but here they are:

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Done! in the case design page.

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