WPA2 Enterprise not connecting

Hi, ESP8266 with SDS011+DHT22 here.

I am trying to connect the device to a WiFi via WPA2 Enterprise. I’ve found in this forum that this may not be supported, only WPA PSK allowed.

I’ve also ended up onto this script https://gist.github.com/Matheus-Garbelini/2cd780aed2eddbe17eb4adb5eca42bd6 that may do the trick but implementing it in the airrohr firmware is quite far from my skills.

Is there any work around, any suggestion to connect the device to a WPA2 Enterprise WiFi connection?


Some routers support multiple SSID’s. Then you could set up a second SSID with WPA PSK

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So there’s no software solution

thanks anyway

So it is no possible to connect to WPA2 Enterprise with sensor? The school I am piloting the #Sensor2school project has exactly the same issue.

We solved the issue in a very inelegant way: we bought a SIM+router and plugged in beside the sensor.

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