Unusual Reading

Hi, I have attached a copy of my latest sensor reading which seems to me to be odd, no other sensors in my area show similar readings, should I reboot the sensor.


You could try to reboot but can you enter the web interface of the sensor first and see if it’s logging measurements or not?

Thanks for getting back to me so quick, as a newbie how do I enter the web interface of the sensor.

Is it inside your home network? If it is, you can paste its ip address on your web browser.

If you don’t know it, you could enter your router web interface and find it there. Or alternatively you could use an app like this to find the devices in your network along with their lan (ip) address.

By the way, how were you planning to reboot it?

Hmm well I was just going to turn it off, but I managed to get into the home network and see it was reading.

Thanks for your help

Now that I see your screenshot again, it seems like something that resolved itself anyway. Did you notice any problems with your internet connection during those periods? If not, maybe something is interfering with the signal between the router and the sensor.