Stop sending data


I installed the device one week ago. Sometimes it just stops working correctly. Sometimes only one package is not sent, sometimes for some hours nothing. If I do not realize and not rebooting the device, it just does not send the data for example to or other community (You can check on my site on around at 13:00 08/01/2021) Is it possible to login to the device with ssh? Can I set up a cron to reboot automatically the device every day? Thanks!

No, it does not have any SSH server.
Apparently you have either WIFI or internet connection problems. Check your wifi signal on
Try to switch WIFI channel on your router for some other channel.

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Thanks! I realized my children played on PlayStation. The wifi router was next to the PS4. It caused interference. I moved the wifi router a half meter away. Now it is much better. :slight_smile:

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