Nettigo No WiFi KIT-2132 - Sensor.Community Kit assembly manual

I have built the Sensor, but it does not work. There is no WiFi network with the name Particulate Matter ID , Feinstaubsensor-ID or airRohr-ID. I don’t understand the problem, because I am sure, I did everything right. Did anyone solve this problem?
Thanks for help!

It takes some time {minutes sometimes) to show up.
Tried a power off/power on?

It is now 30 minutes and still nothing. Is there any LED onboard? There is no light.

Okay, it works now. There has been a blue light next to the WiFi Chip and the sensor has an orange light and I can hear it working. Now I realise, that the sensor always needs to be connected to electricity…? Outside…? While raining? In winter? How shall that work? I hoped, that it would work with a battery…

given the reduced consumption (5v 0.017 a in stby 0.022 on approximately) …

a slightly oversized battery from ups (the most common) …
a 5v output stabilizer …
a charging circuit …
a small solar panel …
It could be done,
it’s simpler an extension cable and a good normal power supply, imho, but it’s an intresting idea… :thinking:

Yeah maybe, but I am not that good at things like this. I would need a detailed assembly instruction and an exact list of what to buy :frowning:

Here we go : Solar powered NodeMCU & SDS011 dust sensor – Georgi's blog
A French contact of mine has also a similar solution.
But I am convinced that the flat USB cable under the window is the best solution.

Thank you! I will use the hole in the wall of my decentralized ventilation system :slight_smile: