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More than 3 sensors in one device

How can i add a fouth or fifth sensor at I can only see possibilitys to add/manage three sensors.

Thanks, Alex

Same way you can add a third sensor. Sorry that me mentioned only the third one … :

May i please you to answer my question? Where is the possibility to add a fourth and fifth slot?
I was only able to create three slots!

I’d be interested to know how to add a third, because I see no way to do that.

I have a dht22, bme280 and sds011 on my one node. I stopped sending the dht22 stuff to because of all the error messages I got back.

I send all 3 sets of data to without any problems.

@Denis : you have done this on the DNMS, haven’t you?
Are you sure the ESP can provide enough current for all this sensors ? Or do you have a special setup?
Maybe you could build 2 stations with 2 sensors.

My airrohr runs perfectly fine with four sensors: SDS011, SPS30, BME280 and SHT35.

But how do you do it ? I can’t understand without hacking the firmware code (and I don’t know how to display it in

My reply was in regard of the current the board can deliver.

I can only see three sensors in In fact, per default I could only see two fields to configure by myself (SDS011 and BME280). I then asked @ricki-z to add the third (SHT35). Then the third field appeared. I need to go through my mails how the fourth sensor (SPS30) was added… It does not show up in The firmware is the latest official beta.

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SDS011 AND SPS30 together won’t work with Both are using the same compinent identifier (x-pin 1). And you can’t change that in the standard firmware.
@pjg: we use the same x-pin, but the SDS011 is connected to a UART interface and the SPS30 should be connected via I2C. So reading both is working. And is using a prefix for the “value_type” field and can differentiate between the sensor types this way.

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@Alex2020 you sent me a mail that we should add the third component. And at the moment we have to do this manually.

Thank you for answering my question. :grinning:

To conclude - it is possible to connect 3 sensors: SDS011 (or other UART), i2c PM sensor and some weather sensor (like BME280). To them all on the map one needs to write a request to support.

@denis : … as long as we don’t have added this functionality to
All software and tools we developed for this project is open source. So if there is the need for some function anyone can (try to) add it :wink:
We had more than one person that “promised” to add it to our code …