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Member introduction on map

A question :
why has the “opensense-map” a better apearance compared to our, the Sensor-Community map ?
First, a member can introduce himself, along with a picture or / and information about tte box.
Second, rather than a single sensor view, why do we not have a summarizing table ? see screen shots attached.

Morover, is there a (simple configurable) available for SC data , smaler than this

Did you know that the map is open source and available at github? Did you know how long the development and/or implementation of new features needs time and resources? Did you know that we are a volunteered citizen science project?
With only a dozen of people actively developing all the parts of the project we have only limited possibilities which new features are implemented. And there are also many people that like our map more than those of opensensemap as you can get a picture of a larger area.
So thank you for your feedback, we may try to implement some of the features you mentioned. But it would be nice if some people could try to help us with that.

And a last point: The “introduce yourself” feature is heavily at risk of spam. We had requests of users to implement this where we could easily see at their sender address that they would use this to get some free advertisement.

As a French I will never write „Member Introduction“ in a programm of mine… But for a closed source project which collects personal data…
Actually without the hexagonal heat map system I don‘t understand the purpose of the map.
The small dashboard is easily implementable with an API call and a few iframe.