LCD2004 shows scramlbes text after a while

I’ve just cleaned up my sensor. I’ve had a display connecte for a long while, but it fell to the floor, and broke.
I got a new display, the exact same type, and it works when I power up the sensor, but after a while, the text gets corrupted.
If I take the power off , and then power it on again, it shows the text again as it should.
What is wrong?
I’ve tried shortening the cable to the display, but that didn’t change anything, so what else?

Please check the connection. Are you using Dupont cables ? Try to tighten the connectors.

No Dupont cables, everything is soldered. I’ve tried moving the GND cable for the display to another pin on the ESP (it was at the same pin as my BMP180)? I’ve also changed the old BMP180 with an BMP280.
It’s testing now…

Now it’s been running for more than 24h, and the display is still showing the right info, so I guess it was enough to move the GND wire to another (not used) GND pin on the ESP.

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