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Colour of particulate matter curves on the sensor community main page map

On the map, the readings of the SDS011 sensor are represented by a green curve for pm2.5 and an orange one for the pm10. However, when it comes to the SPS030 which also includes pm1.0 values, the colours shift.

Although it might be a minor issue, this inconsistency makes it confusing when trying to compare values from many sensors at the same time. I wonder if it would be possible to make the pm1.0 curve blue and keep the others as they are on the SDS.

@ricki-z ?

Do you know that you can also export from Grafana and geht the archive as raw data ?

Yes of course, although I believe it is only possible for sensors I already know their chip ID (or not?).

In any case I was not talking about getting the data to run metrics on them, but rather more casual things such as browsing on the main map, clicking on a hexagon and expanding 3-4 or more sensors to look at the graphs and make quick comparisons.

If it is not easy to fix or there is a reason it is as it is now, no worries.