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Assembly manual for Sensor.Community Kit from Nettigo (KIT-2132)


I just finished translation of our new assembly manual. I would appreciate if you could take a look and give me a feedback. Maybe something isn’t clear or something is missing.

“two white hydraulic elbows” I’ve never seen white ones, only grey but if the kit is being supplied with white ones, I guess that’s OK!

BTW, In English we don’t use the word hydraulic in this sense - I would call them “two white plumbing elbows” On all the UK websites they are just called ‘elbows’

“How it work” should be “How it works”

“The heart of the device” could be “At the heart of the device…”

" * 2 szt x Large cable tie 432x4.8mm" should be “2 pcs Large cable…”

It’s a really nice kit with the connectors and the pre-made wiring harness.

I personally would not deploy any more sensors without putting insect mesh over the ends - I use a 12 x 12 cm insect mesh over the small end and a 17cm x 17cm piece over the larger end secured by 2 additional large cable ties (one for each side). This means of course that the plastic tube needs to be cut shorter but after losing dozens of sensors to spiders, I think it is worth it.

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Thank you! I updated manual according to your suggestions.

Indeed. We ordered 100 pcs for tests. But we will definitely order more.

And of course, this is open hardware, so datasheet is available for everyone.

I will think about including insect mesh in the kit.

I am also working on different approach with smaller enclosure, mostly because of logistics and international shipment rates. Right now we ship mostly air and some electronics inside.

Yes. If you are shipping them it must be tempting to want to shrink down the size. In the UK, it’s very common for people to make things postable meaning they can go through the letter slot in people’s doors (usually this mean less than 40mm thick) this way you don’t have to be home to receive the package. Just keep in mind the orientation of the SDS011 when operating as detailed in the technical specifications: horizontal with fan on the bottom. Good luck with it.

I read SDS011’s datasheet very carefully back in 2018 when I was sketching draft of Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3. After selling thousands of units I am pretty confident that I know what I’m doing.

Yes. This is one of possible options:

SDS011 Orientation

There are also two vertical recommended orientations. Inlet up, and inlet sideways below the fan.

I have never read it this way (as multiple options). I have only read it as horizontal placement with fan down.

Good effort on the new manual.

Instead of the large plumbing pipes why do not offer the Kradex case you already have with the associated fittings and metal guaze end? Unused holes could be filled with rubber bungs. Just a thought.

Have a good weekend!

Because electric box is cheaper and it would also be a good enclosure. Kradex Z59 is old enclosure design and it is produced in batches of 500 pcs mostly for us.

So you are planning on offering a electrical type box rather than those ugly pipes? Do you have a timescale?

To be honest hardware design is the easy part.

Every design must be followed with extensive test phase.

And finally the hardest part… the approval of Sensor.Community.

If you are curious. I picked the smallest enclosure possible (125 x 75 x 33mm) and managed to pack inside SDS011, ESP8266, RH/T sensor and optional heating solution with dedicated RH/T sensor. Airflow is properly partitioned. RH/T sensor (BME280, SHT31 or similar) is placed in a separate compartment with non restricted air flow from outside. Heating solution is based on 5W resistor and SHT30. It’s power is limited to 2.5W. Resistor value can be easily changed to decrease or increase heating power depending of environment. ESP8266 will have external antenna.

Yes. I plan to finish prototyping phase in 3 months. Mechanical design is already conceptualized. Components fits with no room to spare. I had to use CNC mill to cut some parts of enclosure to secure placement of SDS011. Subassemblies are designed in modular fashion for easy repairs.

Now I am working on sunshade and mounting hardware.

Good work, yes I was going to mention the unit needs a sunshade.

Can you post some fotos?

Yes. I can post some photos, but in different thread since our conversation went straight into offtopic region :slight_smile:

Sure that be great and thank you!