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Admin features of Airrohr

Basically, I wanted to set a fixed IP adress for my sensorbox, but meanwhile I got that set on my router.

Nevertheless, I’m still interested:

How do I get to the admin settings? I can type in a password (which?), but there is no Enter button, I have to Save setting and reboot? That’s not what I would expect.

What do I get in the admin settings? Perhaps someone could post a screenshot?

Firmware version is NRZ-2020-133/EN

Many thanks

The admin password is only to secure the config (i.e. if the sensor is connected to an open wifi network). There are no additional admin settings.

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Thanks, that explains a lot.

Just for the sake of completeness, the conclusion is that you can’t set a fixed IP address in the device itself, but you can assign a fixed IP addressm by your MCU’s MAC address, in your router configuration.


At the moment it’s not possible to configure a fixed IP with the release version of the firmware. This feature is added to the actual beta and will be available in the next release for all users.
There is a problem with the update from release to beta at the moment, so we have to do more tests and fixes to the beta.

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