Account settings changing

Hello, I would like to change in mijn account settings my email adres. How can i do that,

gr Piet

This is not possible at the moment (or better not directly …).
What you can do:

  • Create a new account with the new email
  • “Send” the sensor to the new account from your old account

Hello Ricki, I made a mistake in de numbering of de ID number in my sensors. How can I change that number.

thanks in advance

Greeting Piet

@Piet I’m “working” on this. You will get an email in the next minutes.

Hello Ricky, we have a participant in our database who is not going to use his sensor. He doesn’t trust security. He is a lawyer by profession. They may have always been suspicious. He has never activated the sensor in his WiFi environment and wants to give it back so that we can use the sensor with someone else. Since I have already transferred the sensor to him and he has lost that mail, the meter cannot be transferred back, so I can put the meter back in my domain to redistribute. This is a sensor with the ID number 8022679
Is there some sort of reset possible? Flashing again didn’t do anything because the sensor ID number already exists. The solution seems to me that the sensor is removed from the database so that I can register it again. Is that possible or is there another way to fix this?
Thanks in advance for your response.

Greetings Piet van Schijndel

The meter ID is 8022679 the sensor ID nr on the map 59780

Hi @Piet, the registration of this chipID is removed.

Thx Ricki, second question, do you know why this site is hardly reachable?

I can’t configure my sensors or hand them over to the clients.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Piet

Can you try it again. Sometimes there are processes that aren’t finished correctly. These processes cause too much load and may slow down the site.

He Ricky it works very fast. Thx for this very fast service. My compliments.

Gr Piet

Hello Ricky, can you remove the registration of meter ID 151605 with sensor ID 58210, so we can program it like new? Thanks in advance.

Greetings Piet van Schijndel

Hello, @Piet ,
could you please send me the name or the email address of the former owner?

Hello Ricki,
The mail address is from the former owner.

Greetings Piet

Hello @Piet,

I’ve released the chipID.

Hello Ricki, we have a new question,
In recent months, we have been unable to properly monitor our particulate matter sensors on the map.
If you click on a sensor, the desired information does not appear and we no longer see graphs of the course of particulate matter, temperature, air pressure and humidity. Previously it worked flawlessly.
When we register a new sensor, we do not see it appear on the map either.
What could be the cause of that.
thanks in advance for your answers.
Greetings Piet

There is an issue with the zoom level and the update of the size of the area where there are sensors. It comes from one library in the code. I am currently investigating. If you reload the page at the same position/zoom level it should work. Why not bookmark the exact position ?
For the registration, it should work. I register myself almost 3 sensors a week without problem. Please compare both the configurations in the sensor and on They must be the same. Have you checked that the sensors are really connected to you WiFi network ? Please read all the instructions again on the website.